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We are trusted partners, true believers and servant leaders. United in our shared purpose to deliver impacts that result in a safer and better world.

Delivering Impact on a Global Scale

Sincerus' Global Footprint
From Somalia to Indonesia, we deliver results where others can't. Running a global business in complex environments presents unique challenges. We launch operations quickly in new program locations across the globe using established and proven procedures. Whether it is a matter of timing, sequencing, or a total re-start to meet an unplanned challenge, our experience married with our adaptive management approaches allows us to find feasible, acceptable, and suitable solutions for our customers.

Current Operations

"Developing a network of competent partners that can share the burdens and responsibilities of global security, embracing a strategy of coalition and cooperation, is vital to U.S. interests."
- Tony Smeraglinolo
Executive Chairman

"Sincerus is built for international work. Our resources are always field-focused to support our customers' missions and deliver measurable impact."
-Glen Schuhmacher
President & CEO

"The people we mentor, advise, and assist are worthy of our very best efforts - it's an obligation and an honor to serve them well."
- Ron Corkran
VP, Programs