GDRP Advisor Tony Medina Stands with in Albania Makes Significant Contributions

Authored By: Press Release
Date: 09 May 2023

Sincerus celebrates the successful contributions Anthony "Tony" H. Medina made during his time working on the Global Defense Reform Program (GDRP) in Albania. While his assignments and work were not always easy, Tony was able to make substantial impacts in Human Resource Management of the Government of Albania's Ministry of Defense. While there are many accomplishments to date, one that stands out is revising the organizational structure of the Albanian Armed Forces. He streamlined the structure to meet the needs of the current operating environment. The new organizational structure was developed based on the evolving needs of combatant commanders (CC), a total military analysis and a thorough review of current force management processes. This included the expansion of its land forces' combat capabilities, the division of its Naval flotilla, an introduction of new equipment to the Air Force, and a reduction in size of its Support Command mission. In addition, an unplanned creation of a new Reserve Component (an additional 2,100 authorizations) was built to increase their overall active component force capabilities to meet new NATO requirements.

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