Rule of Law

Sincerus knows the foundation to a successful post-conflict society is through establishing rule of law and equal justice for all. We help host nations develop justice systems that are responsive, accessible, transparent, accountable, fair, and efficient. We demonstrate the tactics, techniques, and best practices in police, courts, and corrections systems as host nations build vital citizens' security, and stability.

  • Our citizens security & community policing programs include community problem-solving partnerships, crime prevention models, use-of-force standards with escalation/de-escalation techniques, equal treatment standards, media & communications programs, gender-based violence prevention programs, and LGBTQ protection programs.

  • We offer prosecution and judicial support to host nations in judicial councils, courts, prosecutors, judicial training institutes, law faculties, ministries of justice and interior, security sector institutions and community justice centers.

  • We provide maritime & border security technical assistance and training as law enforcement professionals in partner nations secure their borders and protect their coastlines from criminal activities and exploitation.

  • We support the specialized investigation and prosecution techniques required in transcontinental wildlife trafficking cases.

  • Sincerus supports long-term assignments to progressively develop forensic laboratory capabilities across the globe.

  • We have introduced operational efficiencies at all levels of case management to improve justice outcomes and reducing case backlogs.