For nearly three decades our expert personnel have trained, mentored, and advised military, police, and government personnel in more than 40 countries. We thrive in remote, challenging, and complex transitional justice and post-conflict environments. This includes recent and ongoing experience safely providing services in COVID-impacted countries in Africa. Over time, we have adopted an outcome-based training approach that empowers partner nations and lays the foundation for long-term sustainable development in fragile, crisis-stricken states.

  • We stand ready to help develop doctrine, provide training, and produce training materials in eight key functional areas: strategy, policy & planning; criminal justice & law enforcement; defense resource management; civil-military relations, human resource management; combat medicine, soldier skills and logistics.

  • During instructor-led training, we deliver customized adult learning solutions that maximize performance, increase proficiency, and support international development and worldwide security.

  • We bring a proven training curriculum, detailed Programs of Instructions (POI), and all necessary training support materials in multiple languages. These existing resources and our expertise allow us to rapidly tailor and develop training support packages for new courses to meet new or emerging training requirements.

  • Our collaborative web-based training and distance-learning solutions maximize performance, increase proficiency, and improve services.