First Iteration of Training for FARDC Engineer Corps

Authored By: Press Release
Date: 21 July 2022

The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC) Engineering Corps hosted the graduation ceremony in mid-June for the first iteration of the base year to recognize graduates from all three classes of Task A (Field Grade Officers, Company Grade Officers and Noncommissioned Officers) the graduates of Task B as well as those who were selected for and completed the one-week Train the Trainer (T3) course. Sincerus is providing capacity-building training and advisory services to the FARDC Engineering Corps via classroom instruction, practical application exercises applied to current FARDC construction effort, and through the procurement, provisioning, and training of heavy equipment to the FARDC.  Sincerus Project Manager, Welga Maissala and Deputy Project Manager, John Pulaski, represented the Sincerus Global Team at the ceremony. U.S. Embassy Kinshasa was represented by the DATT office, Lieutenant Colonel Thyer and Major Hass, and the OSC office by Gunnery Sergeant Cyriaque. The FARDC was represented by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense Lieutenant General Kaumbu -Yankole. 

Brigadier General Kuzangana presented remarks on behalf of the Commanding General of the Engineering Corps, Brigadier General Mbuyu.  BG Kuzangana thanked the U.S. for their partnership and support.  Of note, BG Kuzangana took the opportunity to appeal to the ranking FARDC presence to support bringing more Military Engineering soldiers from outside Kinshasa for training.  On behalf of the U.S. Embassy, Defense Attaché Lieutenant Colonel Thyer delivered remarks - thanking the FARDC Engineering Corps and congratulating the graduates on their accomplishments.  

After the ceremony, the delegation visited the newly delivered forklifts where Task C students provided a basic capabilities demonstration as well as the renovated classroom that was completed during the practical phase of Task B training.  

Sincerus will continue to work with the FARDC under the AFRICAP III contract.  Through AFRICAP III, Sincerus is providing program management, training, equipment, logistical and technical support and construction services to African countries and organizations.  Additionally, Sincerus is supporting AFRICAP III countries with maintenance and training systems management, operations, maintenance, medical training support, transportation, procurement and supply chain management and reporting activities. 

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