Who We Are

Operating in over 20 countries and based in the Washington D.C. area, the Sincerus team delivers innovative solutions to critical challenges around the world. As a premier provider of integrated professional services for U.S. government agencies overseas, Sincerus provides a compliant, ethical International Business Management framework tailored to meet today’s complex, dynamic global environment.

As global crisis events can affect customer priorities and policy and require fast action to provide support when and where it is needed most, we balance our experienced field staff with an agile, flat structure capable of bringing the senior-most decision makers to bear within hours.

The range and span of our work is as diverse as the countries we support. We assist in planning and completing multiple-year projects advising and mentoring at the ministry level as well as providing multi-week training courses for our African partners on how to effectively conduct United Nations and regional peace support operations (PSOs). Our goal is to assist them to build sustainable organizational peacekeeping training capacity.

Beyond capacity building and technical assistance, our experts provide services at all stages of the project life cycle—from assessment, design, and implementation to monitoring and evaluation—to ensure real and sustainable impacts. Adopting the right approach, executed by the right people, who are equipped with the right tools is how we glean long-term success.

We complete projects in demanding and complex environments that others can’t. Running a global business presents unique challenges. We bring the ability to commence operations quickly in new program locations across the globe using established and proven procedures. Whether it is a matter of timing, sequencing, or a total re-start to meet an unplanned challenge, our experience married with our adaptive management approaches allows us to find feasible, acceptable, and suitable solutions for our customers.

Our History

Sincerus is born of a proud lineage. We carry the legacy of expeditionary mission support and advisory architecture that began nearly 30 years ago by providing mentoring and training of military, police, and other government personnel in more than 40 countries –most of which was conducted in remote, challenging locations and even combat zones.  We are true believers in the U.S. national security strategy that advocates for professional, ethical, and competent foreign militaries, police forces, and government agencies – and ultimately advances U.S. foreign policy goals. 

Our first incursion into this work occurred in 1992 when the U.S. Department of State (DOS) made its mission to strengthen the former elements of the Soviet Union under the “Support to the Newly Independent States (NIS)”.  We coordinated and supervised collection, inspection, shipment, and tracking of relief supplies to the NIS as well as building former military security forces into civilian-led police forces.  Our support continued for more than 20 years with the award of the International Criminal Investigative Assistance Program (ICITAP), enabling us to expand into nearly 30 countries and aiding foreign governments to develop professional and transparent law enforcement institutions that protect human rights, combat corruption, and reduce the threat of transnational crime and terrorism.

In parallel, we expanded our strategic level advisory programs to include the African Crisis Response Initiative (ACRI), and its successor contracts Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance (ACOTA) and today the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI). We support the Department of State by bringing institutional knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned from successfully delivering these capacity-building programs for over 15 years. 

Beyond classroom training, our advisors and mentors are embedded into operational units while offering applied training techniques, re-enforcing lessons learned, and assessing student abilities in theatre.  We continue the legacy of support today through GPOI, the Africa Peacekeeping Program (AFRICAP) IDIQ, and the Global Advisory Support Services IDIQ in support of the DOS Global Defense Reform Program (GDRP). 

Security sector and international development assistance work hand in hand. Sincerus offers a coordinated approach to both, knowing that strong security assistance enhances the success of development activities. We provide our field-based personnel with the necessary administrative and logistical support to successfully execute their institutional capacity-building efforts.  

We are proud of the work conducted throughout these past three decades and the heritage we are privileged to uphold. 

Our Name

Sincerus: (Latin) candid, genuine, pure, and sound.

Your mission is the heart of what we do and who we are: providing the knowledge and skills that foster stability and growth. For us this is a calling and a profession, the true core of our guiding principles. Our unique approach is built on our years of experience providing innovative solutions with thoughtful application and deep cultural knowledge. It is not enough to provide short-term answers; we seek out lasting impact and true partnerships.

Sincerus' Leadership

Our Global Executive Leadership Team comprises seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the defense, development and private sectors. They provide individual and team support for planning, coordinating, and managing both rapid-reaction and long-term programming. From building infrastructure in conflict zones to engaging in public diplomacy, our diverse professional experiences and global perspectives allow us to problem solve and uncover opportunities in unique ways.

Core Mission Values

  • We are true believers. We are united by and driven to make a difference. Our common objective - a safer and better world.

  • We apply the highest ethical principles to everything we do - strictly adhering to U.S. and host nation laws, regulations, and customs.

  • We are thought leaders. We pursue technical excellence and look for greater impact.

  • We are committed to a shared "culture of care" for our employees at home and abroad.

  • We deliver on our commitments without compromise.

  • Our approach is always field-focused.