Global Mission Support

Sincerus combines operational experience and proven methodologies to effectively deliver advisory, training, and effective expeditionary mission support services. Services include equipment procurement, logistics, maintenance and construction in support of critical missions around the world. We apply our culture of excellence to deliver high-quality turnkey mission support for a wide range of activities. Our services capably promote sustainability, self-sufficiency and stability that create an environment critical for well-being and resiliency in populations of conflict-prone and post-conflict countries.

Advisor Services

Strategic Advisory Services

We provide advisory and consultative services focused on assisting Partner Nations with security sector reform and improving civilian governance, leadership, oversight, planning, and budgeting capacities of Partner Nation security forces. We assist partners with developing sustainable ministerial structures and deliver organizational capacity building to build better systems, planning processes and strategic communications flow.

  • Our Embedded Advisors know how to transfer knowledge in a culturally and institutionally appropriate fashion and draw from experience, ideas, and approaches that fit the local context to produce sustainable reforms.

  • We provide strategic advisory services, sector reform, change management and organizational development across the disciplines of defense strategy architecture as part of Defense Institution Building (DIB) consistent with identified national objectives and strategy.

  • Our Advisors assist host nation governments in developing sustainable professional institutions, effective, and accountable systems and legal and policy frameworks. These frameworks include strategy, guidance, and doctrine to combat crime, reduce terrorist threats, protect human rights and enhance citizens' security.

  • We also work at the national and regional levels, supporting the promotion of strategic messaging campaigns and building the capacity of governments to develop and implement successful Countering violent extremism (CVE) strategies as well as counter disinformation efforts aimed at undermining their stability and security.

Training Services

Training Services

For more than 20 years our expert personnel have trained, mentored, and advised military, police, and government personnel in more than 40 countries. We thrive in remote, challenging, and complex transitional justice and post-conflict environments. This includes recent and ongoing experience safely providing services in COVID-impacted countries in Africa. Over time, we have adopted an outcome based training approach that empowers partner nations and lays the foundation for long-term sustainable development in fragile, crisis-stricken states.

  • We stand ready to help develop doctrine, provide training, and produce training materials in eight key functional areas: Strategy, Policy & Planning; Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement; Defense Resource Management; Civil-Military Relations, Human Resource Management; Combat Medicine, Soldier Skills and Logistics.

  • When offering instructor-led training we deliver customized adult learning solutions that maximize performance, increase proficiency, and support international development and worldwide security.

  • We bring a proven training curriculum, detailed Programs of Instructions (POI), and all necessary training support materials. These existing resources and our expertise allow us to rapidly tailor and develop training support packages for new courses to meet new or emerging training requirements.

  • Our collaborative web-based training and distance-learning solutions maximize performance, increase proficiency and improve services.

Project Management

Project Management

We offer full life-cycle subject matter expertise, oversight and reachback for project management. With effective planning, execution and monitoring, we control cost, schedule and performance from a program's start to finish. We employ a full range of strategic planning, organizational development, and change management tools to help our clients manage for results. We produce rigorous evaluations with a focus on giving clients data for decision-making. We are always available and offer an efficient environment with industry-leading services, tools, and capabilities including:

  • Our Finance & Administration services include Budgeting and Financial Management, Cost Control and Resource Planning, Acquisition Management, and Schedule Management. Our systems provide a seamless interface for both vendors and subcontractors to submit invoices and track payment. For our home and field offices, these systems ensure timely delivery of field funds replenishments and accurate accounting.

  • From planning through execution, our team helps clients learn, adapt, and improve their programming, ensuring every program and project have measurable performance metrics in place. We help clients build in Performance Monitoring built on international standards of excellence, which require evaluations to be useful, practical, ethical, and accurate. Through these evaluations, we examine the efficiency, relevance, and effectiveness of activities and processes and assess the sustainability and institutional impacts of interventions and partnerships.

  • For more than a decade, Sincerus has supported technical seminars with Events Management & Study Tours meeting our customer's requirements. We take care of the logistical and administrative details as well as conduct training for conferences, workshops, retreats, and meetings worldwide. Since 2015, we have supported more than 140 study tours, conferences, and other technical engagements with international partners. This is in addition to supporting U.S. Government delegations overseas with advance preparation of travel planning and coordination.

  • Our Team can manage your Communications and develop your Publications from writing the text and rendering the graphics, through layout and editing. We start with your ideas then research, write, publish, and disseminate high-quality and timely information products. Our comprehensive information support services and products facilitate your creativity and innovation in the ways that engage your stakeholders.

  • The Sincerus Information Technology Team serves client's IT and security needs with innovative software approaches to information management, multi-factor authentication (MFA), maintains closed access websites, servers and e-mail services. They also prepare laptops for traveling staff and design and manage systems to efficiently track project and program operations.

Rule of Law

Rule of Law

Sincerus knows that the foundation to a successful post-conflict society is through establishing rule of law and equal justice for all. We help host nations develop justice systems that are responsive, accessible, transparent, accountable, fair, and efficient. We demonstrate the tactics, techniques, and best practices in police, courts, and corrections systems as host nations build vital citizens' security, and stability.

  • Sincerus offers technical assistance and training programs that help rebuild trust between the police and citizenry. Our Citizens Security & Community Policing programs include community problem-solving partnerships; crime prevention models and approaches; use-of-force standards with escalation/de-escalation techniques; equal treatment standards; media relations & communications programs; gender-based violence prevention programs; and LGBTQ protection programs. These programs build accountability and transparency and advise on inter-ministerial coordination capacity and community engagement.

  • In the courts, Sincerus offers Prosecution and Judicial Support to host nations. We deliver assistance in policy and legislative assessments, development and integration; planning and supporting study tours, conferences and workshops; specialized investigative/prosecutorial experience as mentioned above. We've advised judicial councils, courts, prosecutors, judicial training institutes, law faculties, ministries of justice and interior, security sector institutions and community justice centers around the world.

  • Our personnel provide Maritime & Border Security technical assistance and training as law enforcement professionals in partner nations secure their borders and protect their maritime Excusive Economic Zones (EEZ) and coastlines from criminal activities and exploitation. We do this by conducting institutional assessments, facilitating inter-ministerial coordination and cross-border regional cooperation among border security actors, developing maritime enforcement agencies and personnel capacities and building operational capacity through tailored trainings for border security stakeholders.

  • Sincerus' Natural Resource Crime Advisors recognize the threat transcontinental organized environmental and wildlife crime is to social and political stability. To help reduce the impact, we have delivered training to police, coast guard, border security agencies, prosecutors, judges, rangers and forest department officials in the specialized investigation and prosecution techniques required in wildlife trafficking cases.

  • Sincerus Advisors have supported long term (years) assignments to progressively develop Forensic Laboratory Capabilities in Mexico, Central America, Ukraine, Algeria, Serbia and other locations to meet ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) requirements for overall management practices and systems. We can offer specialized expertise throughout 17 forensic science sub disciplines, including but not limited to, DNA analysts; explosives chemists; toxicologists; forensic pathologists; ballistics and tool mark examiners; digital evidence examiners; forensic accounting; latent print examiners, etc.

  • We have introduced operational efficiencies at all levels of Case Management throughout the judicial system to improve court management and administration, Criminal records management systems, budgeting, information technology systems, and facilities infrastructure with the goal of improving justice outcomes and reducing case backlogs.

Construction Services

Engineering & Construction

Sincerus understands the challenges associated with the construction and refurbishment of facilities on some of the world's most demanding job sites.

  • We accurately navigate the regulatory requirements, meet international standards, and ensure the provision of equipment and supplies, and directly supervise our labor force—the key elements to provide a wide range of effective and efficient engineering, construction/refurbishment, and maintenance services.

  • Remote and austere locations demand solutions that are simple and trouble-free. We build in operational sustainability and maintenance requirements into all our design and planning activities. We strive to incorporate locally available materials, utilize local partners, and local labor–doing right by the people we support.

  • We provide detailed oversight of the construction phase, which is critical for maintaining compliance and upholding quality control and quality assurance.

Logistics Services

Global Logistics &
Procurement Services

Sincerus eliminates the guesswork through reliable, repeatable processes for carrying out project start-up and mobilization, turnkey surge support, overseas procurement, and vendor management.

  • We provide forward-thinking logistics solutions that are precise, compliant with US and Partner Nation Export and Import Regulations, and cost-effective.

  • We understand the challenges surrounding localized or regional procurement and movement of goods especially in austere and contingency environments. All suppliers are carefully vetted to ensure that their commitments are attainable - with regard to quality, quantity and lead times.

  • We work closely with our customers to create efficient timelines, manage supply inventory and reduce operational risk.