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Date: 23 May 2022


Interventions are part of Sincerus' broader activity in the Balkans


ARLINGTON, VA. – The Government of Albania’s Ministry of Defense approved a list of key recommendations to improve its Human Resources including changes to its recruiting processes as well as improved security measures that support both active duty and retirees.   These initiatives were submitted as part of the U.S. Department of State’s Global Defense Reform Program (GDRP) which supports the Albanian Armed Forces (AAFs) and areas of Human Resources and Manning Evaluation. Sincerus’ Senior Military Advisor Anthony Medina leads this program in Albania with the main objective to A picture containing personDescription automatically generatedenhance Albanian’s defense to effectively implement reform efforts and maintain appropriate levels of human resources to sustain domestic stability and respond to security threats.

These efforts are critical as tensions in the Balkans and neighboring countries are heightened due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  Medina’s capacity building effort is part of Sincerus’ larger network in the Balkans working with partner nations to strengthen the region’s security sector.  Sincerus’ operations extend into North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina - focusing on different aspects of security sector governance.

Through multiple contracts, awarded by State Department during the fall of last year, Sincerus has provided continuity in effective programming – particularly when a disruption in services could significantly stifle progress.  “Due to State Department’s confidence in our work, we are able to build upon our former activities which increases the sustainability of Sincerus’ programs in this fast-changing region,” said Vice President of Business Development Eric Sedlacek.  “Our in-country staff works on a variety of issues critical to peacekeeping operations from increasing efficiency in defense planning and budgeting to strengthening civilian oversight over the military.  Because of our highly adaptable business model and capacity to respond quickly to our client’s needs, Sincerus is already delivering both short-and long-term impacts.” 

Sincerus implements GDRP, the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI) and Africa Peacekeeping Program (AFRICAP) throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and Eurasia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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