Sincerus CEO and Chairman, Tony Smeraglinolo, Releases Statement About Domestic Terrorist Attack on Nation's Capitol

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Date: 07 January 2021

Sincerus CEO, Tony Smeraglinolo, releases statement about yesterday's domestic terrorist attack: "We have to begin reinvesting in our democracy".

ARLINGTON, Va.. (January 7, 2021) –

"Sincerus Global Solutions, whose mission is to bring about a safer and better world through servant leadership, is sickened by yesterday’s attack on our Capitol by domestic terrorists.

Given that there are times when things must get to their absolute worst before positive change can occur, it is our hope and prayer that yesterday will be our country’s inflection point.

We have to begin reinvesting in our democracy and it’s time for all Americans to come together and move forward with a peaceful transition of power which has sustained our republic for the last 245 years."

-Tony Smeraglinolo, Sincerus CEO and Chairman


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