Sincerus Global Solutions Commemorates One-Year Anniversary

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Date: 06 July 2021

DATE: JULY 6, 2021


ARLINGTON, VA. – “Launching Sincerus Global Solutions, Inc. is one of the most significant and rewarding experiences of my professional career,” recalled President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Glen Schuhmacher. “We are proudly built upon more than 25 years of strong legacy of expeditionary mission support, capacity building and advisory services in more than 40 countries,” said Schuhmacher. “In a time when we saw unprecedented global challenges throughout the past year, I am extremely proud that Sincerus not only rose to the various challenges that required adaptive management solutions on the ground but developed and delivered innovative programming that delivered impact for our customers.”

Exactly one-year ago, at the height of COVID-19, it seemed as though no country could escape the pandemic’s reach. Current programming required advanced expertise, new skills, reallocated resources and capacity building from nations and expert organizations to come together to reach new objectives. “It was an intense decision to announce Sincerus, a new organization, in the midst of the pandemic,” Schumacher explained. “However, we [Sincerus CEO and Chairman Tony Smeraglinolo], ultimately knew it was the right time and that Sincerus would fulfill a niche expertise within the current market environment that was rooted in and driven by an intense focus on adaptability and flexibility in service delivery.”

Sincerus currently operates in more than 20 countries worldwide – providing compliant, ethical International Business Management frameworks tailored to meet today’s dynamic global environment. “Complementing our technical expertise, Sincerus’ success relies on its ability to recruit and hire high-quality program management and staff as well as local personnel that meet our client’s objectives,” Schuhmacher expressed. Throughout this year, Sincerus led multiple U.S. Government programs as well as partnered with international organizations across five continents. “The agility of our local staff allows us to quickly change direction to meet our client’s needs – which happened quite often during the last 12 months,” remarked Sincerus Vice President of Programs Ron Corkran. “For example, in one country, we originally set out to build and upgrade their maintenance facilities, but due to local requests, we quickly re-established our objectives to meet the host nation and our USG customer’s needs.” These facilities, now fully operational, were recently visited by a U.S. Ambassador who commended this work, noting that it would help strengthen U.S. national security.

“Following our customers’ lead, we are able to adjust our programs because at the heart of our business is our management team and our field-based personnel,” stressed Schuhmacher. By collectively working with customers, collaborating with local expertise, and remaining flexible in its services, Sincerus has established itself as a premiere security sector reform (SSR) service for government agencies and global organizations worldwide. “There will be new changes in the upcoming months that will add to the depth and reach of Sincerus, which will only further our ability to deliver impact around the globe.” concluded Schumacher. 

About Sincerus Global Solutions

Headquartered in Arlington, VA., Sincerus currently operates in more than 20 countries across five continents delivering expeditionary mission support and advisory and training architecture that began with Military Professional Resources, Inc. (MPRI).  The company has mentored and trained military, rule of law, and other government personnel – most of which are conducted in remote, challenging locations and even combat zones –in more 40 countries. Visit to learn more.



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